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The festival of Adippuram is celebrated in the month of Adi when the Purana star is at its peak. This is the feast of the gods. Goddess birthday.

Adippuram is a special day for Ambal. The festival is best celebrated on the full moon coming in the month of Audi. Legend has it that Umadevi appeared on this auspicious day.

Adippuram is said to be the day when Ambal emerged as a force to save the people of the world. The Adipura festival is celebrated not only in the vegan temples but also in the Vaishnava shrines. This is because the day of the Lord’s birth is the full moon in the month of August. Legend has it that Bhumadevi appeared as Andala on the day of Adipura.

Pura Star Day is a special day in the month of August. Legends also state that the Siddhas and sages started their meditation on this day.

At a time when only the various features of the emperor, such as the conch, the wheel, the bow, the story, and the sword, appeared as Alvars, Bhumadevi also appeared as the Andal on the day of Adipura.

The day the world appeared in this world The day the world appeared in this world is considered to be the day to save mankind from suffering

On this day it is believed that the Goddess will visit the world and bless the people. Adipuram coming on Friday is considered to be very special. It is considered that Andal was born on this day. Therefore, special worship is held annually in Vaishnava temples on Adipura. It is believed that if unmarried women bow down to Andala on this day they will get married soon.

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