History of Our Temple


Tamil civic life in Switzerland for more than 30 years. Over the years, the escape turned into a permanent residence. Our children grew up and are growing up in a Swiss environment, speak Swiss German and, like their parents, are well integrated. However, life in the “new home of Switzerland” should not be without the revered and beloved gods and goddesses. New homes and places were created for them too. There are now almost 20 Hindu temples in Switzerland. Around 2000 Tamil people live in the canton of Lucerne.

History of our temple

On July 1st, 1991, our temple was opened in Emmenbrücke LU, in the Sonnenhof at Caritas on the top floor. Every Friday evening the believers met for 3 hours for prayer. From January 20, 1992 to July 6, 2000 our temple was in the St. Karli Church at Spitalstrasse 93, Lucerne. But the space soon became too small for the 400 Tamil families in the canton of Lucerne, and the need for their own temple grew.

Our temple has been at Bahnhofstrasse 19a in Gisikon-Root since July 7th, 2000. Temple visitors and the association actively helped with the establishment. The statues of the gods were all made in India and brought from there to Switzerland. In July 2000 the solemn temple inauguration could be carried out. Since then, the puja has been taking place here twice a week, Tuesday to Friday evening. In addition to many other Hindu holidays, a ten-day festival is held every year in July / August to commemorate the opening of the temple.

The association is managed by a seven-person board, which in turn was elected by the members. All work in the association is voluntary and is not paid out.

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